About John McEntyre

John McEntyre is a financial coach, speaker, and TV host dedicated to helping people live a happier, wealthier and more fulfilling life. He is the founder of The McEntyre Group and has served as advisor, coach and consultant to hundreds of clients from all walks of life.

For more than a decade, John’s coaching, speaking engagements, and TV program has helped people:

  • Create a financial plan to live the life of their dreams.
  • Purchase their first home.
  • Begin their marriage on a strong financial foundation.
  • Turn their passions, skills and talents into successful businesses.
  • Invest to build wealth and provide a comfortable retirement.
  • Insure their financial future through insurance and other
    protection strategies.
  • Get from under massive amounts of crushing debt.
  • And much, much more.

John’s business career began in his home town of Forest City, NC, located between Asheville and Charlotte, at his mentor’s real estate company, Carolina Mountain Real Estate, where they did everything from developing, brokerage, fixing up and flipping, to property management. In 1999, John founded The McEntyre Group, moved to Charlotte and quickly became a successful real estate agent. To better serve his clients, he completed the financial counselors program to help them better understand the financial implications of buying and selling their homes and properties. He is a member of the local, regional and national real estate associations, and the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education®. In 2007, John was inducted into the Business Who’s Who.

John found his way onto television almost by accident. While having lunch with one of his fellow real estate agents with a background in TV production, he was asked to co-host a real estate program produced at the local cable access TV station. The show, titled My Favorite Realtors®!, was an instant hit! The show aired in some of the top markets across America, and was nominated for the H.O.P.E. (Home Ownership Participation for Everyone) Award in the media and public education categories.

 The show ran from 2000-2003, and after it ended, John was approached by the studio to co-produce and host a personal finance program. The show was titled Wealth Television, which later became The John McEntyre Show. The weekly half-hour show airs locally on Time Warner Cable Charlotte Channel 21 every Thursday at 4:30 p.m., and can also be watched online.

John has also appeared on a many popular TV and radio programs, sharing his expertise on real estate, personal finance and business topics. He has also shared his knowledge to crowds of thousands through numerous keynotes, seminars and workshops.

Long dedicated to giving back and serving his community, John is a dedicated volunteer. He has served as a volunteer board member to The Urban Restoration, the YMCA of Charlotte, Hoskins Park Ministries and Foothills Harvest Ministries. He is a member of Steele Creek Church of Charlotte, and serves in various ministries.